AMECO says

Take Root partners with and enhances the work of many AMECO member organizations.  One AMECO member representative shared with me recently that his organization completely changed how they worked recoveries after a conversation he had with (Take Root’s Executive Director) Liss Haviv.  She is an expert on family abduction and, more importantly, is the leading authority on understanding a child’s perspective in our field….Liss has presented at several AMECO training conferences and has been one of the best received speakers at each event; indeed, our participants have rated Liss’s presentations at the top of our evaluation scale. My personal experience has been that Liss is a game-changer as a speaker; the information she brings to the table causes us all to pause, re-evaluate our work and determine to work harder – and better – at helping children who have experienced the earth-shattering trauma of abduction

Wendy Jolly-Kabi
Executive Director, Association of Missing & Exploited Children’s Organizations (AMECO)

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