Robert DeLeo, Executive Director
Robert DeLeo, Executive Director Polly Klaas Foundation
Take Root (is) an organization with a solid professional reputation whose work on behalf of the “child as victim” is well established in the field. I attended a Take Root workshop and was irreversibly changed and enlightened as to the complexities and consequences associated with family abduction…I was convinced that Take Root’s concise and vitally important child centered model is paramount if we are to achieve a better understanding of the long term affects of family abduction…The work of this organization is absolutely essential to our collective cause and the objectives of our profession…Their Support Branch program is the only program we know of  that serves to give our profession insight into the long term effects of family abduction.  By providing direct support to former abduction victims through their Support Branch, Take Root is able to build a repository of knowledge that can be shared with the entire field through their Child Abduction Studies Program. Take Root continues to be a pioneer in developing innovative approaches in response to the needs of the abducted child.  They are authentic, innovative problem solvers with a unique perspective that must not be lost to the field…….
John Rabun, Vice President
John Rabun, Vice President National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
I believe Take Root is a welcome and much needed addition to the work being done on missing child issues.
Mary Sue Conaway, Director
Mary Sue Conaway, Director US Department of State, Office of Children's Issues
(Take Root’s Executive Director) Liss Haviv’s powerful portrait of what an abducted child goes through definitely made an impact on the class members.   Her presentation scored a perfect 5 – every one of the participants gave her a perfect score; a first for us since we began this class.  She received incredible accolades such as “Liss is a phenomenal speaker”  “Very powerful, “ “invaluable presentation.”
Patty Wetterling
Patty Wetterling Renowned child abduction advocate
Although there are many services offered to families of missing children, Take Root stands alone in the services they provide to abducted children once they are located, and the information they provide to professionals and the public about child abduction from the child victim’s perspective.
Senator Patty Murray, Rep. John Conyers, Rep. Lynn Woolsey, Rep. Joe Bacca Members of the 108th Congress of the United States
The often unheard voices and perspectives of adults abducted as children are an invaluable addition to the field of missing and exploited children. The field must take into account these children’s unique experiences and specialized needs…Therefore we applaud Take Root’s unique services and work in this field
Wendy Jolley-Kabi, Executive Director
Wendy Jolley-Kabi, Executive Director Association of Missing & Exploited Children's Organizations
(Executive Director) Liss Haviv is an expert on family abduction and, more importantly, is the leading authority on understanding a child’s perspective in our field. Liss’s work with Take Root shines a critical light on the fact that we must take a hard look at our services and ensure our programs are child-centered. Indeed Liss has worked incessantly to ensure support is provided to former missing-children and to offer the collected wisdom of former missing-children to improve America’s missing-child response. Liss is a powerful speaker and balances her personal story with data-driven recommendations for how we can implement child-centered best practices in our work. AMECO is proud to have been an incubator for Take Root and values the ongoing work of this unique organization. Liss has presented at several AMECO training conferences and has been one of the best received speakers at each event; indeed, our participants have rated Liss’s presentations at the top of our evaluation scale. My personal experience has been that Liss is a game-changer as a speaker…the information she brings to the table causes us all to pause, re-evaluate our work and determine to work harder – and better – at helping children who have experienced the earth-shattering trauma of family abduction
Lindsay Lobb, Supervisor
Lindsay Lobb, Supervisor Canadian Centre for Child Protection
(Executive Director Melissa Haviv’s) presentation is possibly one of the most impactful presentations I’ve ever seen. It will absolutely impact the way we do our work here.  
Detective David Barnard
Detective David Barnard King County Sherrif's Office
I truly believe Take Root is the “missing link” in the network of professionals working with abductions..  Having worked for 17 years as a detective specializing in parental abductions I knew Take Root had a tremendous potential to fill an obvious void for both victims and professionals…Take Root has introduced a whole new dimension…You have certainly had a significant influence on my approach to parental abduction.  Some of your reflections really took me aback and compelled me to re-evaluate our approach to recovery and reunification.  I am in your debt. Thank you for the leadership and assistance provided by your organization.  
Susan Connolly, Esq.
Susan Connolly, Esq. Asselin & Connolly
Take Root has been an invaluable resource for me over the past year.  Frankly, I truly to not believe the outcome for my child client  would have happened without you.  From the “big picture” to the minute details you have assisted me every step of the way in a very difficult parental abduction case…I had spent countless hours trying to find a resource for my child client in anticipation of his recovery..for all those years I was completely frustrated in finding nothing that could assist my child client if and when he was recovered.  It was amazing to me that this entire piece was missing from the parental abduction NPOs. I truly believe there are angels among us and my angel guided me to your website at the precise moment I needed you.  When my child client was recovered Take Root came though for me and him  in ways I could only have hoped for.  The resources Take Root offers have assisted me in a number of other files in my caseload as well.  As you know, I represent not only children but also parents and your insights have afforded me the ability to help not only the children but also the parents on both sides of this equation.