by Take Root Member Sheri

“Take my side!”
Say the parents to the judge
The lines have been drawn
And neither one will budge

“You took his side!”
Screams the mother in sheer rage
“You let him have my children
Now I’ll take them far away!”

“Take my side!”
Says the father to all who will hear
“She stole my children!
She took everything I hold dear!”

“You took his side!”
The mother now repeats
“I had to protect them
He lies, he beats, he cheats!”

“Take my side!”
Says the father to the news
“She must be made to pay
For her crime there’s no excuse!”

“Take my side!”
The father will silently implore
“Your mother is the enemy
Let her hurt us no more!”

“Take my side!”
The mother loudly bids
“You belonged with me!
You’re mine, not his!”

“Please take my side”
The child cries at night
“I was only a baby
This wasn’t my fight.”

“Please take my side”
The young woman silently pleads
“Give me time to heal…
Stop telling me your needs.”

“You both made me choose”
Realizes the now grown child
“One with silent pleas
One with accusations grown wild”

“But there were too many sides
Too many truths and lies
So I choose my own side
I will no longer be the prize”

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