Letter to Myself

A Letter to Myself
by Take Root Member Sheri Chiosie

I was abducted by my mom and her boyfriend when I was only 8 months old… I grew up thinking I was with my mom and dad my whole life and did not know I had any other family or that I had been abducted until the police arrived on my doorstep one night when I was 10.  Being “recovered” turned my life upside down. This is a letter that I wrote as an adult to talk to my child-self back then…
January 1, 1990

Dear Sheri,

You’re not asleep. I know it feels like it. I know you’re just waiting to wake up.

You’re also not being punished for yelling at Mom and Dad that you were a kidnapped princess that would be rescued by her real parents one day. (Seriously, where do you get this stuff from?!)

And most importantly, Mom and Dad did not come up with an elaborate scheme to get rid of two kids because they were having money problems. You and Chris have not been sold to a new family!

I know that sometimes these explanations make more sense, but the truth is the truth. These loud boisterous boys (and your Aunt) are your new family. (I have good news on that front, though, one day you’re going to outgrow your shy phase and be louder than them! J) They love you very much, though, and their constant teasing is their way of trying to make you feel like a part of the family.

I know sometimes it feels like you’re the only one who’s not part of this family. Everyone else has memories of the family you missed out on. Even Chris, who is supposed to be with you 100% of the way on this, remembers things about your grandparents and a childhood with your Dad before your Mom stepped in. Repeat after me: “I WAS 8 MONTHS OLD!” There is no way you are expected to have the same memories. I know you’re scared to tell your new family how you feel, but if you did . . . that is what they would tell you. You are expecting more out of yourself than anyone else ever could.

Try to be happy Sheri. I know you miss Mom, Dad & Matt. I know you miss your friends and the life you had before. AND THAT’S OK!!! But THIS is the life you were always supposed to have! Don’t let them continue to take that away from you! Your family loves you very much and wants you to be a part of it . . . and that’s ok too. There is no guilt here for your family or for you. Love who you want to love, miss who you want to miss, but open your heart to those who want to love you and who have spent a decade missing you and wishing they had a chance to know you. You’ll be glad you did later.

Love Always,


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