Take Root is temporarily unable to accept new members.  You may either submit the first part of your application now, to be processed when we re-open membership, or, check back at a later date.

Applying for membership consists of three steps :

1. Agreeing to abide by the Take Root Agreement, which specifies confidentiality policies and standard of conduct

2.  Completing a SEED PACK questionnaire about your experiences

3.  Completing a Registration Form to provide your contact info (we keep this separate from data about your abduction as a confidentiality measure)

IMPORTANT: If you decide to start the application process now please INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS at the very end of the SEED PACK, when asked for your name.  There will be no prompt asking you for your email instead of your name so please remember to make this substitution! (This is a work-around to compensate for part of the application process that is currently offline. If you do not add your email address when the SEED PACK asks for your name we will have no way to contact you!)

Continue with my application – I understand it will not be processed at this time and I will remember to include my email address in the final question