Beyond Recovering Missing Children


Many excellent services exist in the missing child service arena. However, these services are designed to prevent abduction and to recover missing children – not to help missing children recover. Cases are considered closed once the primary victim is located.

…yet the trauma of abduction does not disappear the day a missing child is found.

Recovery is not the one time event of being located; it is a process that in some cases may take a lifetime.  Why is so little qualified assistance available to help victims heal in the aftermath?  90% of abducted children surveyed by Take Root did not receive the recovery assistance they needed. 90% of families studied by the DOJ’s Reunification of Missing Children Project were not provided with information to help guide the recovery process. The result? Victims who grow up to be walking wounded, with profound intergenerational consequences and societal costs. One out of every four former abducted children surveyed by Take Root has attempted suicide.

Take Root was founded to expand America’s missing child response beyond recovering missing children to helping missing children recover.

This involves both providing direct services to victims of child abduction when they are no longer missing, AND collecting and sharing data and testimony from victims….because not only is there a lack of services, there is also a lack of data and testimony from primary victims upon which to base service development!  Take Root adds data and testimony from victims to the public and policy discussions on child abduction.

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