I’ve Come Back To You

I love you Dad

How scary it was that my memory had faded,
Or perhaps I left it behind.
I did remember a few happy times,
But the bad had left my mind.
Regardless of what happened,
The space was still alive.
I knew that nothing would replace him,
So I created my own happy life.
I would imagine the feel of his loving embrace,
The meals he’d make I could almost taste.
She told me once that he had done something wrong,
But I just remember only his song.
‘Share the world with human kind,
Never waste a minute of your time,
Keep your thoughts clean and true,
And always remember that I love you’.
Years have passed, and now I know him well;
Every meeting makes my heart swell.
Even when times are at their hardest,
I know now that nothing will ever again part us.

– by Take Root Member Jen
(read Jen’s abduction narrative)

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