A Year of Days

A Year of Days
by Take Root member Kelly J Niles

The Loneliness of the warm spring wind
reminds me you are gone
a gray shadow on a distant wall
marks the time that has passed
the wind has become my constant companion
fashioning lullabies that whisper your name
singing softly of the love we knew
I think of you
on still lingering winter nights
a month of nights
a year of days
how long must I wait for your return
to the place we once knew
where life was love
freedom a song
oh wind whisper to me
return me to life
give me a song
set my heart free

…originally written in 1988 for Davey, who is now my husband…one of many I left long ago because I couldn’t hang on to a meaningful relationship too long before I had to run. It also was written with thoughts of my mom–who I missed beyond comprehension while we were on the run. And of course, a daughter can never really separate herself from her father so, lots of messages to my abductor as well.

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